If you intend to use the Hexagon logo, we request that you follow the guidelines presented below to ensure the correct usage and consistency.
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Our logo is a specific combination of the ‘hexagon’ symbol and the logotype ‘Hexagon’. Each component is a critical piece of the logo and must stay in proper relations to each other. Under no circumstances are these elements to be altered beyond the variations defined in these standards.



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Light green:

C81 M0 Y39 K0

PMS 326


Dark green:

C86 M20 Y32 K51

PMS 5473


Gradient on primary colors CMYK only



Clear space

The minimum area that surrounds the logo known as “clear space”, provides breathing room to the logo and between the logo and other graphical elements. The width of the inner open space of the hexagon symbol defines the distance of the minimum clear space. The grey hexagon illustrations show the minimum clear space. The smaller hexagons illustrate the size of the logo components. As long as the original files are used these relations are correct.


Hexagon clear space.PNG


Minimum logo size

The logo must never be used smaller than 10 mm width.


Test liten logo.PNG

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