Hexagon Composites intends to acquire market shares from traditional material manufacturers within steel and aluminum by offering innovative and cost-effective composite solutions.

We aim to enhance our competitive position by focusing on:

  • Market niches with significant growth potential
  • Customers that are open to new materials and solutions
  • Innovative and technologically advanced solutions that deliver clear customer benefits
  • Automated and cost-effective production processes

The market

Hexagon Composites has achieved strong growth in several market segments. We have reinforced our position as the leading global supplier of composite pressure cylinders.

We will continue to develop our value proposition for gas distributors, vehicle manufacturers and system providers to enable them to enhance the value offered to their own customers.

We will develop an effective global distribution and marketing organization by retaining and recruiting highly qualified employees and by using good management systems.


Innovation and technological expertise are core competitive strengths. We plan to deliver innovative and technologically advanced solutions that differentiate our products and provide significant value to our customers.

Technology and Production

We intend to maintain our leading position within the development of advanced production technology. Automtion, optimal product design and high capacity utilization enhance our competitive position. We aim to maintain the industry’s most effective cost structure.

We plan to expand capacity on a timely basis to meet future demand in growth markets.

Shareholder value

Hexagon Composites will deliver shareholder value through growth and increased profitability.

Annual Report 2014