The Hexagon Group has gathered all its business units under one name: Hexagon.

The Hexagon Composites Group has a solid and ground-breaking product portfolio, cost-effective production facilities and, not least, a group of dedicated and competent employees. We are therefore well positioned to maintain and strengthen our market position in the years ahead.

As part of the work on strengthening our global position we have carried out a complete re-branding of the Group in order for all the companies in the Group to have a uniform market profile. The renowned subsidiaries Ragasco, Lincoln Composites, Hexagon Raufoss and Devold AMT have for several years been a part of the Hexagon Group, and is now emerged as a unified group.


The new visual identity is based on the group’s previous identity and logo symbol; the hexagon. The solid and distinct hexagon is motivated by the company’s history, unique technology expertise and leading market position.