Board of Directors

The Board of Hexagon Composites has been composed with the aim of gathering sufficient expertise to make independent evaluations of the Group’s operations and ensuring that the Board can function effectively as a collegiate body.


M.Sc. (BI Norwegian Business School) and MBA (London Business School). Knut Flakk owns the Flakk Group and has extensive experience from establishing, developing and operating industrial companies both in Norway and internationally. He has been the CEO of the Flakk Group since 1996 and serves as Chairman of the Board of all the Group's main subsidaries.

Number of shares: 30,715,717
Includes shares owned by related parties


Deputy Chair

M.Sc. (NHH, Norwegian School of Economics). Managing Director of Slettvold Møbler AS. Kristine Landmark has extensive experience from various management positions within the banking and furniture industries. She sits on several boards of corporate groups, companies and associations. Independent board member.

Number of shares: 10,000
Includes shares owned by related parties


Board member

Civil Engineer Managing Director of SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing AS and head of Norwegian Centres of Expertise, Raufoss. Has 15 years' experience from various management positions at Raufoss ASA. Board positions in several industrial companies and experience from building up innovative groups. Independent board member.

Number of shares: 0


Board member

M.Sc. (NTNU). Senior Vice President for Innovation in Statkraft. Kathrine Duun Moen has previously held management positions with Trondheim Energi, Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young and has board experience from among others BKK, SINTEF, Norwegian Innovation Forum, Metor AS, Trondheim Energi Kraftsalg AS and Trondheim Energi Eiendom AS. Independent board member.

Number of shares: 0


Board member

Bachelor degree in aeronautical engineering (Kyoto University). Associate Officer, Operating Officer of Performance Materials Business Unit of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and represents his employer on the Board. Since Mr. Mori joined Mitsui & Co., Ltd. in 1982, he has directed advanced composite materials, renewable energy related materials and many advanced materials in chemical segment in various management positions, including 12 years for Mitsui USA in New York. Mori has been a member of the Board of Advanced Composites Products, Inc. and Sunwize Technologies, Inc. including CEO of Mitsui Plastics, Inc.

Number of shares: 41,666,321
Shares owned by Mitsui & Co., Ltd. represented in the Board by Katsunori Mori


Deputy board member

Played a central role in the establishment of Brødrene Bøckmann and managed this family company during 31 years of strong growth and profitability. He remained at the head of the company for five years after it was sold to the French industrial group Saint Gobain. Gunnar S. Bøckmann is Chairman of the Board of Bøckmann Eiendom AS.

No. of shares: 10,339,400
Includes shares owned by related parties