Hexagon Ragasco

Hexagon Ragasco, the major operating unit within the Low-Pressure business area, is the world’s leading producer of
composite LPG cylinders. A pioneer in the industry, it has sold around 12 million cylinders worldwide in the last 16 years,
including 1.4 million in 2016.

The unit started operations in 2000 and has since developed a customer base composed mainly of LPG distributors in over 75 countries. The Company continues to build partnerships in new regions to help gas businesses increase customer loyalty without compromising on safety. The company’s unique composite cylinders deliver clear advantages over traditional steel alternatives in the form of significantly lower weight, no corrosion, translucence, increased safety and user friendliness.

Production is carried out in modern, highly automated facilities located in Raufoss, Norway. Hexagon Ragasco has around 133 employees (2016)

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