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High-Pressure Area

Hexagon Composites is the global leader in Type 4 high-pressure composite cylinders and assembling systems for storage and transportation of compressed natural gas (CNG), biomethane and compressed hydrogen gas (CHG). The wholly-owned subsidiaries, Hexagon Lincoln, Hexagon Raufoss and Hexagon xperion (previously known as xperion Energy & Environment), design and manufacture Type 4 cylinders and gas distribution systems at modern automated facilities in Lincoln (Nebraska, USA), Raufoss (Norway) and Kassel (Germany). 


Lincoln, NE, US

Raufoss, Norway

Kassel, Germany

Low-Pressure Area

Hexagon Composites is a global supplier of low-pressure composite Liquefied Propane Gas (LPG) cylinders mainly for leisure activities, household use, catering kitchens and forklift trucks. An increased focus on safety, ease of use and high corrosion resistance is strengthening demand for composite LPG cylinders globally. Long-term targeted initiatives have resulted in several key orders, which have secured growth, improved capacity utilization and enabled expansion into new markets outside of Europe.


Raufoss, Norway

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